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The Hometown Favorite

propane company virginiaWe know you have lots of choices when it comes to propane providers. That’s why we do our best to make choosing Midway the easy choice. And what we hear most often from customers is that they like the peace of mind that comes from working with a local company like us.

They’ve learned that bigger isn’t always better. There are countless national corporations with big headquarters and call centers several states away. Then, there are discount dealers with low prices and not much else. Neither have any ties to the communities we serve in Franklin County, Pittsylvania County, and Henry County—other than their wallets.

The #1 Choice for Propane Services in Southern Virginia!

We’ve been around since 1945, and while we’ve grown since then, we’re still locally based, and we support the communities we serve. When it comes to propane delivery, we do the best job because we’re your neighbors, too. We know where you’re calling from, whether it’s a back road or a main street, a farm or a business.

Here’s just a few reasons why Midway is the local favorite in Gretna, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, and all throughout Southwest Virginia:

  • Reliability: As a local business, we can’t hide behind a call center or anonymous corporation. We offer dependable, safe propane deliveries, with convenient options like automatic delivery service.
  • Full-Service: We offer expert installations, too! In addition to propane tanks, we can help you with a variety of appliances and equipment including log sets, firepits, and grills. (That’s something the discount dealers can’t offer.) Come by our showroom today to see all we have to offer!
  • We Make It Easy: We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you. Hassle-free automatic billing and online accounts, transparent pricing and payment plans to help manage fuel bills, and automatic delivery service are just a few of the ways Midway can help streamline your to-do list and help you save money in the process.
  • Commercial: From agriculture and landscaping to manufacturing to restaurants, local businesses appreciate our full range of commercial propane services. Crop drying and greenhouses? Check. Cylinders for forklifts? Check. Commercial generators for nursing homes and hospitals? You got it!

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of things we can’t control—the weather, the price of fuel. But we can do our best to make every one of our customers feel important and confident, like a neighbor, not a client. It’s how we’ve built our business and how we plan to keep it.

Contact Midway Bottled Gas today and let us show you how we can help.

Our Budget Plan Can Help Provide the Perfect Solution

fuel payments virginiaAs you’ve likely seen both on the news and at the pump, pricing surrounding oil—and other fuels such as propane—has been extremely volatile over the past weeks. It’s frustrating both to us, as well as for you, our customers. Rest assured that in any case, we are doing our absolute best to help you navigate through these difficult times. And times like these are just one of the reasons we offer our Budget Plan.

How Does a Budget Plan Work?

Our Budget Plan is designed to keep heating bills predictable and eliminate the pain of bigger winter bills by spreading your propane costs across 12 months. Instead of bigger bills in the winter—when you use more propane for heating—you get predictable bills and pay one level amount every month. It makes it easier to plan and eliminates those big bills when you need them least. Here are the details:

  • You don’t use more fuel than you normally would.
  • We only charge you for the fuel you receive at the market price on the day of your delivery.
  • You’ll have more cash on hand during the winter months.
  • Even if it’s extra cold one month and you get two deliveries, you still only pay your regular monthly payment.
  • If you have a growing balance, you’ll never pay any finance charges.

How Do We Calculate Your Monthly Payments?

We start by estimating your annual payments based on your past fuel usage. Then we multiply your annual fuel use by this year’s projected prices and divide the yearly total into 12 even payments. You’ll find your winter bills may be cut by more than half, and the remaining months lower, too.

If your actual bills are a little higher or lower than we estimated, we’ll adjust as necessary during the year and keep you informed of any fluctuations.

The Bottom Line

We know you work hard for your money. It’s always our goal to offer you the most competitive price we can while providing you with the dependable service and quality fuel that keeps your family safe and warm. Many of you have discovered the benefits of Budget Plans even when prices are more moderate. We hope that you will find them even more beneficial during this challenging period.

Contact Midway Gas today for more information or to enroll—it only takes five minutes!

Have You Considering Switching to Propane?

propane home virginiaIf you’ve never lived in a propane-heated home before, you might be surprised to know all the benefits. Sure, it’s great for grilling, but propane is also one of the cleanest, most versatile, and efficient fuels around!

Getting Familiar with the Benefits of Propane Gas

It’s a domestically sourced alternative fuel that can provide steady, reliable heat energy at an affordable price. Propane also offers exceptional performance and efficiency in a wide range of home appliances at a much lower cost than electricity.

Here are just a few of the ways propane can make your home more comfortable and your energy bills more manageable:

  1. Propane generates more Btus than an equivalent amount of electricity, so you need much less propane to produce the same amount of heat.
  2. A propane fireplace gives you all the charm and warmth and none of the soot, ash, kindling and mess of a woodburning hearth.
  3. When the power goes out, a propane whole-house generator can keep your home lit, your food safe and your family warm.
  4. Propane water heaters are more energy-efficient and cost less to operate than electric water heaters.
  5. Propane clothes dryers help to dry laundry faster and produce fewer wrinkles—saving you energy and ironing.
  6. Chefs prefer the precision and temperature control that comes with a propane range.
  7. Propane wall and space heaters make it easy to heat spaces your heating system doesn’t reach—like additions, sunrooms, attics, workshops and garages.
  8. Propane lets you make the most of your outdoor living areas: propane pool heaters, patio heaters, and fire pits let you extend the day—or the season.
  9. When it comes to environmental impact, propane gas is a good choice. It burns cleanly and produces minimal emissions. Propane also doesn’t harm soil or groundwater.
  10. Propane is an American energy source. About 90% of the United States’ supply of propane is domestically generated. Most of it comes from the processing of natural gas.

All those benefits mean propane offers more bang for your buck, all while protecting the environment!

And Midway is the local pro that New River Valley region residents trust for propane deliveries, appliance and equipment installations, maintenance and more. We’ve got the knowledge, skills and resources and can answer all your questions about the benefits of a propane-heated home. Contact us today to learn more.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been getting many calls around two connected issues: the surge in fuel prices and supply concerns. People are astounded by how much prices have risen and how fast. So are we. They are also concerned that there will be interruptions in supply that will cause them to run out of fuel. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked energy markets, sending crude oil to record territory and spiking all energy prices. We’ve had increases from our propane suppliers of over 40 cents per gallon already, and that might be out of date by the time you read this.  

What’s Coming Next?

We don’t know where things will go from here. One thing we can tell you is that we hate this as much as you do. Some people are under the misconception that when prices rise, we make more money. The opposite is true. People cut back usage. They have trouble paying their bills, and our receivables skyrocket. Meanwhile, we must pay our suppliers in just ten days. We must borrow much more from the bank. It is an awful mess for everyone.

We have been in business for many years and have very strong relationships with suppliers and financial institutions. We are already getting calls from customers who are with other companies that can’t say the same. These customers are unable to get deliveries for 20 days out. You don’t have to worry about that with us.

If you are having trouble paying your bill, talk to us before it becomes a problem. Many times, we can work out something to give you more time, especially if you’ve been with us a while. We can also set you up on a monthly payment plan.

Nothing will make us happier than when prices start dropping. Until then, trust us to look out for you, and let’s pray for the people of Ukraine.  

Are You Noticing That Your Home Simply Isn’t Warming Up Enough?

home heating repair virginiaIt’s that time of year! Temperatures are regularly dipping below freezing at night, even as the daytimes can be mild. Amidst the colder temperatures, you may even start to notice that your heating system isn’t working as well as you think it should.

Heating system troubleshooting

Some common winter heating problems are an easy fix—and most are very preventable with regular maintenance. Check out our guide for a cozier and more comfortable winter season:

1. Heat Cycling

Do you notice your heater turning on and off more often than usual? It’s called heat cycling, and it reduces your system’s efficiency and increases your heating costs because your equipment is working harder than it should to get the job done.

The most common cause is a dirty blower or filter. If changing the filter doesn’t solve the problem, check your thermostat—usually it’s set higher than it should be.

2. No Heat

If your heating system isn’t warming your home at all, it could be due to several potential problems. Start by checking your thermostat to make sure it’s working and has fresh batteries.

Heat pumps can have trouble in very cold temperatures. Icy wind and snow can create a layer of frost on your unit, which can keep it from working properly. Use your heat pump’s defrost settings to keep the ice and frost at bay. If it doesn’t have the right settings, you’ll have to clear the ice yourself with a soft brush as well as by hand as not to damage any of the surrounding parts and pieces.

If you have a furnace, check the pilot light. If your pilot light isn’t on, check to see if it has a steady power source. If not, there may be a bit of gunk and grime in the assembly, and you should call an HVAC service pro to clean it out for you. Likewise, if your pilot light is on but your furnace isn’t producing heat, you may have a problem with the main burners, gas valves, control board, or flame sensor. Contact a professional heating tech so they can get you and your family comfortable again.

3. Dry Air

Dry air feels cooler than humid air—so it may take more for your home to be comfortable and cozy. To remedy this problem, use a humidifier. You can place individual humidifiers in different rooms, or you can install a humidifier in your HVAC system and achieve more consistent moisture levels throughout your home. Not only will this make the air in your home feel warmer, but it will also prevent dry, itchy-feeling skin and protect your wood furniture.

4. Inconsistent Heat

Sometimes, rooms or spaces that are colder than other areas are the result of a faulty heating system. Additions and converted spaces may not be included in the main ductwork, so the heat just isn’t reaching those rooms. In these instances, a space heater can be a great solution.

If your upper stories are warm while the lower floors are cold, consider closing the upstairs vents to direct warm air to the downstairs rooms. Because heat rises, the heat will eventually drift upwards, but not as quickly.

Another culprit could be your air handler. The air handler helps circulate air throughout your home, and if you hear a grinding sound while the heat is on, you may need to call for a repair.

5. Not Cozy Enough?

A cheerful fire on a chilly evening is a great solution to the winter blues. Propane-fueled fireplaces add ambiance and efficient supplemental heat without the mess. Let Midway Gas help you amp up the charm of your home with a natural-looking propane fireplace, hearth, or stove. 

Contact Midway Gas today to learn more about what we offer and how we can keep your Southern Virginia residence comfortable all year long.

What to Know About Propane Storage

propane expiration virginiaIf you leave a car with a tank full of gas, after about six months’ time, its chemical properties change, and it won’t burn properly. Diesel fuel, in the same instance, lasts no more than a year. Ethanol and bio-based fuels begin to degrade and evaporate after only a few months. Heating oil will last about 18 months—just long enough that a few gallons left over from the previous winter will still burn.

Unlike those other types of fuel, propane never “goes bad.” It makes propane a smart choice for all kinds of appliances and equipment in your home, like water heaters, which you use all the time, but also for those you use sporadically, like space heaters and fireplaces! Propane is particularly smart for whole-house generators. Hopefully, you don’t need to use it all too often—but you don’t want to worry about the fuel not working in an emergency.

About Propane Storage

While propane can’t expire, it’s important that the tank used for storage is maintained properly. That goes for large storage tanks as well as for the portable tanks used for grills and RVs. Tanks need to be inspected and recertified every 10 years or so, depending on the size and type of tank.

Inspections ensure that valves are working correctly and there’s no corrosion that can lead to trouble such as leaks.

Can Propane Freeze?

If you’ve lived in Southern Virginia for some time, you know winters can serve up some frigid temperatures. Average lows the area can run around 24 degrees in January.

People often ask us if they need to worry about their propane freezing, particularly in an above-ground tank. Fortunately, the freezing point of propane is -44 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s a minimal chance you need to worry about your propane freezing.

While it’s unlikely your propane will freeze, it can still be affected by very cold temperatures. Propane contracts when it’s cold. When it’s extremely cold outside, the volume of propane inside your aboveground propane tank will shrink, which creates a loss of pressure. The problem is, if the pressure becomes too low, the propane inside your tank will not be able to reach your gas burner. That means you may not be able to run your propane appliances, including your furnace or boiler, which can be very problematic in the winter.

3 Ways to Avoid Low-Pressure Problems

  1. Keep your propane tank at least 30% full to maintain positive pressure. If very cold weather is in the forecast, check your propane tank gauge and call us to schedule a delivery. If you’re on automatic delivery, we’ll take the weather into account and there’s no need to call!
  2. Don’t let snow build up on your propane tank. Clear it so sunlight can reach your tank and keep it warmer.
  3. If you use propane to heat your home, turn down your thermostat so your heating system doesn’t run as often, giving the pressure inside your propane tank a chance to rebuild.

Have more questions about versatile propane or propane safety or to set up automatic deliveries? Contact Midway today. We’ll be happy to help.

Warm Up with a Gas Log Set This Season

fireplace options viginiaDo you have a wood-burning fireplace that you never use because of the mess and bother? Maybe you should consider converting to a propane fireplace. Propane-fueled fireplaces add ambiance and efficient supplemental heat without the mess, smoke and ash of a wood-burning fireplace. And a gas hearth or stove is much safer, too. No more playing with matches and waiting for tricky kindling to catch—you can turn on and adjust the flame with a wall switch or even a remote control and turn it off when you are done instead of waiting for embers to burn out.

Do I Choose a Vented or Vent-Free Model?

The first step is to decide whether you want vented or vent-free gas logs. With vented logs— often used if you are converting a traditional fireplace to propane—you’ll get a wide, lifelike flame that is most like a genuine wood fire. However, a good amount of the heat generated heat escapes through the chimney flue or damper.

Because no chimney is necessary, a vent-free set is easy to install, and you can incorporate the charm and warmth into virtually any room, including living rooms and family rooms, but also kitchens and dining rooms. Create your dream master suite or a spa-like bathroom escape, just by adding a gas fireplace. You’ll get outstanding energy efficiency, too. To maintain a constant room temperature, most vent-free log sets are controlled by a thermostat.

When it comes to style, gas log inserts give you a wide range of options. These realistic-looking ceramic logs help create the look of a real wood fire with none of the fuss or mess. They can be used in your fireplace, a freestanding propane stove, or even an outdoor propane firepit. While some may like the smell of smoke from firewood, it contains fine particulate matter that can increase your risk of a heart attack, respiratory problems, and more. Switching to gas hearth or stove is a cleaner-burning option.

All Models are on Display at Our Showroom!

Visit our Martinsville showroom today to see all the options, which include oak, aspen, birch, cherry and more, from leading manufacturers such as R.H. Peterson, Heatmaster, Golden Blount, and Empire Gas Logs.

Nothing says cozy like a cheerful fire on a chilly evening. Let Midway Bottled Gas help you improve the charm of your propane fireplace, hearth, or stove with a natural-looking log set. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer!

It Should Be Known Why Investing in Propane is a Cleaner, Greener Choice

efficiency home fuel virginiaYou may know that there are a lot of benefits to using propane versus other, traditional fossil fuels. But did you know that most of those benefits are environmental? In addition to being versatile and efficient—and therefore more budget-friendly—propane is cleaner and greener than electricity in many ways.

Propane Is Cleaner

There’s a lot of hype about electricity having “zero emissions”, but the fact is, the generation of electricity is the second-largest creator of greenhouse gasses in the United States. Only the transportation sector creates more greenhouse gases. That’s because more than 63% of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas.

Propane, on the other hand, is much more clean burning. It produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the equivalent amount of electricity. It also produces fewer of the chemicals that lead to acid rain and respiratory problems. And there’s an even “greener” type of propane that’s gaining in usage. Renewable propane is made from sustainable sources—most commonly animal fats and vegetable oils. Much like other biofuels, it has a very small carbon footprint and requires no new or special equipment.

Propane Is Greener

Unlike fuels like coal and oil, propane is not mined. That means is doesn’t contribute to deforestation or destruction of other natural resources. It is primarily manufactured from natural gas as a by-product of methane purification.

Propane also doesn’t harm soil or groundwater—an important factor when it comes to determining whether a fuel is “green.” It’s nontoxic and will not create an environmental hazard if spilled. When propane vapor is released into the environment, it’s harmless.

Propane Is Efficient

What does efficiency have to do with the environment? Propane generates more BTU’s than an equivalent amount of electricity, so you need much less propane to produce the same amount of heat or energy. Likewise, propane appliances are very efficient, so they waste very little fuel in the combustion process.

On the other hand, about two-thirds of the energy used by a power plant to generate and transmit electricity is wasted. That kind of efficiency is as beneficial to the environment as it is to your bottom line.

Energy Choices Matter

We’re all in favor of combatting climate change. The problem is electricity isn’t as clean as it’s made out to be. Let the pros at Midway show you the ways that propane can help you power your home or business—contact us for more information today!

Split Your Fuel Bills into Easy, Monthly Payments!

fuel payments virginiaAs home-heating fuel prices continue to surge, your bills this winter may prove to pack a bit more of a wallop than the last few years. Consumers of natural gas, oil and propane are all facing the crunch of far more expensive fuel this season.

“Consumers got used to very low prices last year, because with the pandemic everything was shut down,” said Mark Wolfe, executive director of the National Energy Assistance Directors Association. “Now, everything’s coming back online, industry is returning, and natural gas is being used again in very large quantities. And that’s pushing up the price.”

As demand for natural gas has increased due to economies recovering from the pandemic, there’s less gas on the market. The wholesale price in the U.S. has reached its highest mark in seven years. In the U.S., winter heating bills could be steep. According to the NEADA, natural gas bills could be as much as 30% more, with the average cost to heat a home rising to $750, from $572 over the same months last winter.

Oil prices, too, have surged, to nearly $75 in the U.S. Like natural gas, a key reason is that producers saw a sharp decline in drilling during the pandemic. The cost to warm homes with heating oil or propane could surge 40%, according to NEADA. All are expected to rise as the winter progresses, as well.

All of this could cause hardships for customers who were already struggling. The need for assistance throughout the winter will likely grow for low- to moderate-income families—and that’s where the beauty of budget plans comes into play.

Eliminate Holiday-Time Bill Blues

Midway Gas in Southwest Virginia offers payment flexibility! This winter looks like an ideal season to take full advantage of our Budget Plan. How does it work? Instead of paying higher bills right around the holidays, your propane costs are spread out into even, level monthly payments. If you sign up, there’ll be no budget-busting surprises under the tree this year. Our plan allows you to arrange your winter spending accordingly. If you like easy and dread hefty bills, our Budget Plan is the one for you.

For more information about our Budget Plan and how to enroll, contact Midway Gas today!

Find Out How Your Local Southern Virginia Business Can Benefit From Propane Gas!

propane business services virginia

Did you know that propane is the most recommended fuel for commercial businesses? It’s true! In fact, all local businesses in the New Valley Region of Virginia can benefit from the use of commercial propane energy—particularly those that consume large amounts of energy, including hotels, retail stores, vineyards, manufacturing facilities and more!

That’s because propane is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable sources of fuel on the market. It can be used for a wide range of appliances and can benefit your commercial business in several ways. So, whether you own an office building, factory, restaurant, bank or any other business, there are many reasons to consider using propane as your fuel of choice:

1. Promote Yourself as a Green Business by Using Propane Gas

Using gasoline, diesel, natural gas certainly doesn’t allow you to promote your business as one that values the environment. Propane, however, is named as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Aire Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy because of its clean-burning properties.

By opting for propane, you can improve your brand image by showing that your business values protecting the environment, resulting in your business being more appealing to an environmentally conscious consumer market.

2. Save Money on Operating Costs

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs and expenses, so it only makes sense to go with propane—an inherently cheaper fuel option. If your business currently relies on gasoline, consider changing to propane to increase your company’s profit. You may also be eligible for incentives and tax breaks that aren’t applicable to other sources of energy!

3. Easy To Store

One of the biggest benefits of switching over to propane for your commercial business is the convenience that comes with storing propane. Propane is stored in tanks that can be located directly at your business or job site, making it convenient and easily accessible.

4. Excellent Safety Record

Thanks to strong government regulation and high industry standards, propane boasts an incredibly strong safety record. Additionally, propane-powered standby generators can keep your buildings, equipment, and inventory safe when the power goes out.

Some propane equipment is even safe for indoor use, including propane forklifts and temporary commercial heaters—something that can’t be said for gasoline-powered counterparts.

5. Versatility

If you aren’t yet convinced that propane is the right choice for your commercial business, the fact that propane can serve a litany of purposes surely will. Propane is excellent for water heating, construction site heating, building heating, cooking appliances, portable and standby generators, commercial dryers, and kilns, and so much more! Propane is the solution to many situations where you need power, therefore, it is the perfect choice for your business.

Whatever your business needs may be when it comes to propane, Midway Gas can meet them. Learn more about our available commercial propane services in Martinsville and the surrounding communities here in Southwest Virginia by visiting our website.

By choosing propane, a clean, green, and economical fuel option, your business will not only look better from the outside, but you will also notice the advantages as the business owner as well! Contact Midway today and let’s get started!